Thursday, May 6, 2010

Glenn Beck - #1686 - Crime, Inc. - What Greening of America Really Means - Fox

Video of Joel Rogers in 1996 discussing role of Corporations and that Capitalism and Business' are evil - What the Greening of America Really Means -...... Emerald Cities' goal is "the greening of our nation's central cities and the creation of a "new vital economic sector." The collaborative is headed up by Joel Rogers, widely recognized as the "man behind the curtain" of today's progressive political movement. Rogers founded the powerful Apollo Alliance, the group recognized as having shaped much of the Obama administration's stimulus bill. Former White House green jobs "czar," Van Jones, described Rogers influence this way: "The best thinking that he represents… is now represented in the White House."  Read more of Glenn Beck's summary on Wednesday's TV Show, The One Thing.........

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