Monday, May 3, 2010

Glenn Beck - #1673 - Arizona Immigration Bill - What is Behind All the Immigration Rallies -Right Scoop

Glenn Beck - What is Behind All the Immigration Rallies - Right Scoop -
Glenn Beck -The One Thing - Radicals are following a Playbook from Europe -  We saw pictures this weekend of May Day protests, but has anyone asked: Who organized these rallies? Who put these marchers on the street so fast? We'll give you that answer in a second, but first I want to show you a book I read this weekend.Last year we showed you a book, a communist handbook for France and Europe: "The Coming Insurrection." Put out by the Invisible Committee, it says that the time to take the system is now: Europe promised us a socialist communist utopia and they will never give it to us, so we will take it from them now. It urges people to get into the streets and be violent.  Read more.....

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