Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fifth District Race- #1734 - Robert Hurt: Hurt Reveals General Election Strategy Against Perriello - Not Andy Sere

The Republican primary in Virginia's 5th District is still a few weeks away, but State Senator Robert Hurt has revealed a sneak peak into his general election strategy against Tom Perriello. So far, Hurt's primary strategy has been to sit back and try to coast to victory. Don't take my word for it. Even those who gave Hurt the inside track earlier on are questioning his approach to the primary. Hurt’s got top-shelf strategists working for him, but I’m starting to wonder what the hell they’re thinking. It seems that the strategy is to continue to let Hurt take shots and not playing any defense. He’s not going to sit on the money that he has (is he?) but with the clock running out, when is he going to use it? In the past five weeks, Hurt comes out SLIGHTLY DOWN.  Read more......

Robert Hurt's Conservative Voting Record - Virginia 5th District Watchdog -Many people have brought into question Robert Hurt’s voting record. They say he is not a conservative. They say he is a moderate. Some even paint him to be the second coming of Satan himself. While he is part of the “establishment” It would seem that most of the arguments against him DO NOT check out.
There is currently a lot of anti establishment politics within the fifth district. I should know, I share in those same sentiments. This anti establishment wave has swept 11 unit chairs out and replaced them with, what we can all hope, will be a new fresh group of passionate conservative leaders. It has also led to a new 5th district chairman.  Read more.......

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