Monday, May 10, 2010

Fifth District Race- #1709 - 5th District Poll - Cast Your Vote - Virginia 5th District Watchdog

Who are you voting for on June 8th:  Ron Ferrin, Jim McKelvey, Ken Boyd, Mike McPadden, Robert Hurt, Feda Morton, Laurence Verga.  To vote, go to Virginia Fifth District Watchdog.....

Open Season on Democrats: Virginia is for Lovers, Not Tom Perriello - Townhall -  Virginia’s fifth district was home to one of the hottest Congressional races of the year last cycle, and this year promises to be another scorcher. The only differences is that instead of being on the attack, incumbent Democrat Tom Perriello is going to have to defend his seat, including the controversial votes he’s taken in the past year.  Perriello won by a .2% margin in 2008. That’s about 700 votes out of 315,000 cast, enough to where the Federal Election Commission could sneeze on a stack of ballots and blow a few out the window. That sort of margin would lead one to believe that Perriello would fall squarely in the middle in terms of his legislative agenda, but like many vulnerable Democrats this cycle, he has swung far to the left.  He claims that record jives with unique political style, relying on his personality instead of his political know-how. But throwing votes in favor of health care, cap-and-trade, and the stimulus bills might not sound so moderate to his constituents this time around.

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