Monday, May 3, 2010

Fifth District Race- #1672 - VA-05: It's a Three Way Race Now - Bearing Drift

With the election of Bill Stanley as 5th District GOP Chairman over .....Christian Schoenwald, VA-05 just became a whole lot more interesting. The good news is the field has narrowed considerably. Feda Morton, a well-known and established figure on 5th District committee, absolutely riveted the crowd and pulled away with a convincing win at the straw poll. Delegates were asked to choose their #1 and #2 picks — Morton carried both, McKelvey finished second, and NRCC-endorsed Hurt followed third. Ken Boyd finished close with fourth, and all others trailed behind. So why is this a three way race now? Think of it more as a two-and-two race. McKelvey and Hurt are clearly the frontrunners in this race, having the cash to see this through to the end of the June 8th primary. All other comers either lag terribly in the polls, or cannot raise the money to make the case to the 5th District within the next six weeks.  Read more to see analysis of each candidate in the 5th District Race.

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  1. A 300 person straw poll at a convention is hardly indicative of the 5th district aaverage republican voter. Like the straw polls before there is little meaning in the results.