Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fall 2010 Elections - #1752 - Democrats and Vote Fraud: On the Road to Rigged Elections - American Thinker

Lest we forget, Democrats were not given a mandate in 2008 to nationalize General Motors, the insurance industry, and health care. Most Americans want government to be less expensive, less intrusive, and more accountable. Yet despite the looming prospect of electoral dismemberment in November, the Democrats continue pushing a radical agenda: piling up debt and creating new entitlements, with crushing tax increases inevitably to follow. Why the evident lack of concern?  Perhaps they intend to cheat. Examples of vote fraud by Democrats have not been widely publicized, thanks to the symbiotic relationship between the party and most of the media........Last fall, 35 tea party members in Houston signed up to monitor the off-year Texas elections. The new poll watchers came back appalled at the abuses they saw. Precinct judges regularly failed to check voter IDs, and some even filled out ballots to "help" people vote. Now rebranded as the King Street Patriots, the group is greatly expanding its efforts to recruit and train election monitors. With more than 350 already signed up, KSP is well on the way to meeting an ambitious goal -- placing volunteers in each of Harris County's 874 precincts.  Other tea party and patriot groups might consider following suit.   Eternal vigilance is often described as the price of freedom, and that promises to be especially true on November 2.  Read more......   This is a very important article, detailing many past voting fraud allegations.  The last line is key, conservatives must be willing to volunteer at the polls, as election officials at various precincts, poll watchers, etc., to ensure honest results.  Please call your local County or City Registrar of Voters to sign up to help.  In Albemarle County, Virginia, the telephone number is 434-972-4173, in Charlottesville, Va., the number is 434-970-3250. 
 If you google National Election Board, this is what you get:
2010 Elections  
County Board Of Elections
This is what we are up against, Please call to help at the Polls: See top middle column.

Another Very Bad Night for Obama, Democrats and the Media - American Thinker - The biggest winners were Rand Paul's campaign and the Tea Party movement/philosophy. The biggest losers were Barack Obama and the current far-left Democrat Congress and their notion of a large and intrusive government. Other losers include the political thinking of George W. Bush, Karl Rove, John McCain, and Bill Clinton.  As for the major parties, consider that the continued rebuke of "reach across the aisle" and "new tone" Republicanism is good news for a GOP that is rather rapidly finding its way.  Conversely, the rebuke of a sitting president and Congress -- not to mention the entire governing philosophy of the Democrats -- is potentially catastrophic for them. It was an awful night for liberals.  Read more.......

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