Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fall 2010 Elections - #1664 - Democrats May Get Run Over by the 'Grandmas' - Hot Air

Barack Obama surged to power in 2008 mainly on the enthusiasm of younger voters. He may find his Democratic allies on Capitol Hill swept out of power by the other end of the demographic spectrum. McClatchy reports that a new George Washington University Battleground poll shows that seniors will charge to the polls on Election Day, and that’s bad news for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid: Democrats have glimpsed their biggest threat this fall, and she is Grandma. One reason President Barack Obama and other party leaders are rolling out campaigns this week to energize young and minority voters for November’s elections is that they’ve seen the polling data on senior citizens, and it’s ugly.  Read more.......   
          Response:  If there was ever an article that caught my attention it was this one.  Couldn't help but use my picture and that of a friend at the last Jefferson Area Tea Party Tax Day Rally on April 15th.  We are the classic example of of the 'Grandmas' that will do our best to elect as many conservatives in the House and Senate as we can in the fall elections, and especially replace Tom Perriello in the 5th District. What drives us?  I for one, have 3 children and 8 grandchildren and am determined not to let this country become what Barack Obama is trying to radically transform.  
          Many of us grew up in the 50's, with fathers who are considered to be the 'Greatest Generation,' serving their country in World War II, and mothers who sacrificed much as the war went on.  Our parents also went thru the Depression of the 30's and we grew up hearing many stories of both.  We also watched our parents receive as they grew older, the best medical care in the world to enhance, enrich and prolong  their lives. We raised our children in the 70's and 80's, experiencing the disastrous presidency of Jimmy Carter, with gas lines and skyrocketing interest rates.  
          We then saw the incredible transformation of Ronald Reagan's Presidency, and the love of country, pride and heartwarming enthusiasm he exhibited everyday as he brought the United States back as the leaders of the world again.  We sent our children to college,  watched them enter adulthood, marriage, and then we became grandparents.  Although I was politically active at various times, I really became involved in the 2008 campaign, and never stopped. I couldn't wait to vote for the first time, and have never missed an election.   I, like so many others my age, are so motivated, wanting to protect and preserve the country we grew up in, and desire that our children and grandchildren  experience many of the blessing we have enjoyed.  
          Thanks to Glenn Beck, we are studying the Constitution again, refreshing our history and  foundation as a country that we grew up with,  in an era the truth was taught in the schools,  about who our Founding Fathers were, and who sacrificed much to give us this wonderful country.  The United States was founded by men of enormous faith, blessed by God in everything they did.  God gave us this country and we are not giving up, or going away until this is done to get our country back, and never again take all this for granted.  I am determined whatever the outcome, this 'Grandma' will be able to tell my children and grandchildren I did everything I could to prevent the radical transformation by Barack Obama and his progressives in Washington from ruining what our Founding Fathers and all those who have died and sacrificed for us and this country.   We will not stop until it is done.  This country belongs to God, He gave it to us, not Washington.  Any other 'Grandmas' or 'Tea Party Patriots' want to share why they are involved in Tea Party events or rallies in Washington or their home towns?

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