Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Elena Kagan - #1746 - Kagan Speech Rationing - Washington Times

Would Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan outlaw "Common Sense"? Ms. Kagan's work on First Amendment free-speech issues suggests she might restrict Thomas Paine, circa 1776, from distributing his famous pamphlet. Solicitor General Kagan likewise might outlaw "The Federalist Papers" if Founding Fathers James Madison and Alexander Hamilton refused to say who paid to publish their essays. These views on the First Amendment are troubling enough to raise serious doubts as to whether the Senate should confirm her for the high court......The simple answer to that question is no. Individuals, not governments, create wealth - and individuals acting in a free market of ideas can use speech to try to redress any perceived imbalances. Ms. Kagan's apparent view to the contrary is disturbing and should be disqualifying.  Read more......  Rush Limbaugh highlighted this article today on his radio program. Please read, and call your Senators. In Virginia: Webb-202-224-4024, Warner-202-224-2023.

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