Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DISCLOSE ACT- HR5175 - #1754 - Congress About to Limit Political Speech of Bloggers - Hot Air

DISCLOSE ACT - Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections Act
The same sloppy legislative writing that created so many unintended consequences in ObamaCare also plagues the DISCLOSE Act, the effort in Congress to tighten spending rules in the wake of the Citizens United decision — and that’s the generous take on the situation. Reason’s Bradley Smith and Jeff Patch warn that the perhaps-unintended consequences of legislative language will allow the FEC to regulate political speech online. The fact that media entities like the New York Times have specific exemptions built into the bill makes the intent, or lack thereof, rather murky:  Read more.....  Obviously I am very concerned about the ramifications of this bill.  To see the exact language of the bill, go to..........  at  Difficult to understand in relation to this article, I intend to call Eric Cantor's office tomorrow to check it out.  Will post a followup article, after further contact with his office.  Maybe I should call Tom Perriello's office instead, I am sure he wouldn't want anything to happen to blogger's political speech online??

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  1. Didn't the Cap N Trade bill also exempt companies that Nancy Pelosi and/or her husband held large investments in from some of its' provisions as well?