Thursday, May 27, 2010

American Clean Energy and Climate Change Act - #1786 - Charles Battig: Climate Report from Chicago, May, 2010 - N. Va. Chapter of SEEE

I had the privilege of attending the 4th International Conference on Climate Change, May 16-18, which was sponsored by the Heartland Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization supported by voluntary contributions. Seventy-three climate experts from twenty-three countries took part presenting in 20 sessions with 3 to 4 lectures in each session. These ran simultaneously so that one could attend only one quarter of the total. Pajamas TV was there and Heartland has posted the recordings on line; see There were approximately 800 attendees. Many faces were now familiar to me as this was the third such Heartland Climate Conference which I have attended.  The organizers of the program emphasized the fact that they had made direct invitation requests to scientists known to hold views on climate science contrary to the majority of those expected to attend this meeting. Two did respond, including Scott Denning, Ph.D. from Colorado State University and he was part of the formal scientific program. At the conclusion of the meeting, he complimented the assembled group and wished that more of his collogues would engage in such a dialog.  Read more......

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