Monday, April 26, 2010

Wall Street Bailout Bill-Bank Bailouts - #1631 - GOP Plans 'Agressive' Effort Against Dems Credibility on Wall Street Reform - The Hill

Senate Republicans are planning an "aggressive" effort to paint Democrats' claims about their Wall Street reform bill as not credible in light of the healthcare debate. The GOP plans an effort to highlight claims made by Democrats in Congress and President Barack Obama about their health reform law that would seem to be undercut by reports showing higher premiums and reduced employer coverage that Republicans say are consequences of the legislation. This week, Democrats are asking the American people to take their word that some of the worst fears of a Wall Street bailout bill are unfounded," a Senate Republican aide said. "The fact is, there is a significant credibility problem with taking their word for what a massive piece of legislation will actually do."  Read more......

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