Monday, April 26, 2010

Tea Party - #1626 - Tea Party: Right Wing or Main Stream -Jamie Raite- Richmond Times Dispatch

Jamie Radtke is president of the Richmond Tea Party and current chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. She can be contacted at .
Questions and confusion abound in the media -- and among the political establishment in both parties -- about how the Tea Party movement fits into the two-party political sys tem and into the conventional "left-to-right" political spectrum.  Some have suggested that the Tea Party is a "right-wing" organization. This is an interesting assertion since the Tea Party movement is fundamentally about four things: Constitutional adherence, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets. Is the Tea Party "right wing"? Well, were the Founding Fathers "right wing"? Is the Constitution "right wing"?  The Constitution is the cornerstone of our nation and has protected our liberties for 223 years. It should not be offensive to politicians that Tea Party activists are demanding a return to legislating according to the supreme law of the land, as the oath of office requires. Surely we can agree that the Constitution is not "right wing" -- it is mainstream.  Read more.......

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