Thursday, April 29, 2010

Steve Peters - #1652 - New Commentary Feature - Postings from the Right

Steve Peters, Conservative Activist and Tea Party Patriot - Posting from the Right -Steve invites all comments on his views.
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1. How Mexico Treats Illegal Aliens - Michelle Malkin -Townhall -  Let's treat our southern neighbors exactly like they treat theirs. Every time they complain ask them why the double standard.
2.  'Sedition Is Constitutional' - American Thinker - Back in the 1980's a vice president from a conservative school stated to Codie and me,"I have a right to stop you from saying something that hurts my feelings". What a great way to win every debate...control what the opposition is allowed to say! This was an outgrowth from the Berkley 1970's "FREE SPEECH"....i.e. I have a free speech right to say what I want, but will shout you down if you do not agree with me. Then, if they do not sit down and shut up, but dare to continue to voice a different opinion call it sedition, or call them a racist.
3. Subsistence as Freedom - American Thinker -  Where is the GOP? They have done a great job playing defense in trying to limit the damage, but why aren't they riding the Tea Party Tsunami. Over 90% of all the union monies go to the Democrat party. All the legislative and executive changes done by the Democrats are pay back to those who helped elect Obama. In the process of rewarding these goodies, he is destroying our free market system and taking away our liberties at an alarming rate.
4.  Democrats' Financial Reform Looks Like a Protection Racket - Mary Kate Cary - US News - 
A Chicago style protection racket that the Obama Justice Department locks up the mob for, but the Democrat's consistently practices upon whole US industries and individual businesses. If you object, the president will personally call you out by name and lie through his teeth about the facts. They will continue to do this as long as the old news media props them up by not calling them on it, or we kick them out on Judgement day-November 2, 2010.
5. Economic Freedom Propels Job Creation - Heritage Foundation - Required union membership cannot coexist in a free society without stifling growth and innovation.
6.  Lawmakers Call for Restrictions on Political Ads - NewsmaxTry and try again, even if the Supreme Court continually finds you in violation of the Constitution. If you cannot take the truth, then make it against the law for those groups you disagree with to speak out.

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