Thursday, April 29, 2010

Puerto Rico Democracy Act HR2499 - #1655 - Puerto Rico Statehood Bill Passes House 223-169 - Hot Air

Update - Ballot Bias Towards Statehood Cured? Proponents say the measure gives citizens of the island the right to self-determination.‬ Critics say the measure is a device to impose statehood on a population that doesn’t want it. Thursday’s action was nonbinding, and if Puerto Ricans eventually select statehood, Congress would still have to vote to admit the island to the union as the 51st state. The issue divided Democrats and Republicans alike as liberal Democrats with ties to Puerto Rico teamed with conservative Republicans to oppose the measure. The divides were particularly stark among members of the House Republican leadership team. House Minority Leader John Boehner,R-Ohio, voted against the legislation. Meantime, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, R-Va., and Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence, R-Ind., voted in favor........
An amendment numbered 1 to allow supporters of the commonwealth status quo the option of voting their preference during the second stage of the plebiscite. The amendment passed, 223-179. Having the commonwealth option on the second half of the ballot will probably split off a bunch of votes that would have otherwise gone for statehood.  Read more.......  I watched a lot of the hearings today, nothing like watching a bill being debated to really learn the truth behind the motivation for bring it to the floor.  Every Amendment that would have made it easier for Puerto Ricans to understand what they were voting on, was Rejected.  Even Democrats, like Gutierrez, who was for the Bill, complained LOUDLY, the process of the Rules Committee yesterday was more fair 10 years ago when the Republicans were in charge. He felt the whole process was being railroaded thru.    What is the most surprising outcome? ......Tom Perriello voted... NO....... Eric Cantor voted YES - This must have been backwards day!!!  Thanks to all those who called and Rob Schilling for his interview with Heritage....... we tried!

Joe Thomas interview with Rep. Bob Goodlatte, VA-6,  on the Puerto Rico Democracy Act - podcast

Democrat's 'rigging' Puerto Rico path to statehood - World Net Daily - There are some different perspectives offered in this article, regarding the motivation for Puerto Rico and their current economic status.  Read more.....

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