Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fall 2010 Elections - #1641 - Video: Remember November - Redstate

Erick Erickson - One of my favorite signs at the tax day tea party in Washington, D.C. held up by the the Christo-fascist, flag waving, gun toting, racist, white power fueled, anti-semetic, neo-nazi, homophobic teabaggers, or whatever the Democrats are calling tea partiers these days, was “My ‘n’ word is November.” The guy who held it up was there with his wife. Her sign said, “I only play a racist on MSNBC.”Folks, this video has already appeared on the site, but I want to make doubly sure you’ve seen it.  Republican Governors Association -  Great video - has received 13,650 views.

Gallup Poll - GOP Up 20 Points Among 'Very Enthusiastic Voters - Real Clear Politics - On the heels of yesterday's report showing nearly half of young voters aged 18-29 - a critical piece of Obama's 2008 coalition - are "not enthusiastic" about voting in this year's election, Gallup is out with another body blow for Democrats today with a survey showing that the GOP leads Democrats by 20 points among those voters most enthusiastic about the 2010 midterms. Among all registered voters, the GOP leads in the generic congressional ballot in the current Gallup survey by just one point, 46 to 45. But among those who are "very enthusiastic" about voting in November, the GOP lead over Democrats balloons to a 57/37 gap:

Bad Polling News for Senator Murray (Washington) - Real Clear Politics - SurveyUSA has surfaced to poll the Washington Senate race, and finds some unpleasant news for incumbent Patty Murray (4/19/10-4/22/10, 517 LV, MOE: +/- 4.4%). She fails to get above 46% against any of her opponents, and does so in a sample that looks an awful lot like the 2008 electorate. Patty Murray (D) -- 42% Dino Rossi (R) -- 52%

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