Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cap and Trade - #1638 - Byron York: Why Lindsey Graham Balked - Can Dems Win by Losing on Climate and Immigration - Washington Examiner

On Friday morning, I got a note from the office of Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham asking if I would be interested in coming by Monday to talk with Graham about the new energy and climate bill he was scheduled to unveil with co-sponsors John Kerry and Joseph Lieberman. We quickly sent a few emails back and forth, trying to arrange a time, until about an hour later, when radio silence descended on the Graham office. Saturday afternoon, a clearly angry Graham decided to go public with his version of what happened, releasing an extraordinary open letter accusing Reid and other Democratic leaders of engaging in "phony" and "cynical" political maneuvering by dumping energy and climate in favor of immigration. Reid, of course, is in deep trouble in his re-election fight in Nevada, where about 26 percent of the population is Hispanic.  Read more.......  I wish someone in South Carolina could explain to us why Graham is working on the Climate bill in the first place, it will be devastating to our economy.

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